As our country seeks to modernize our military platforms to face more sophisticated military challenges, KMS engineers are developing innovative solutions to ensure military supremacy. From systems engineering and weapons development to cyber security solutions for industrial platforms, we develop and apply science and technology associated with naval architecture and marine engineering and provide support to the maritime industry.

We support product development and capabilities for a variety of systems including; Prototype Portable Systems; Submarine and Surface Ship Combat & Command Control Systems Analysis, Development, Training and Life-Cycle Support; Cyber /IA Requirements, Compliance, Packaging and Validation; Undersea Tracking Range Equipment (Pingers); Environmental Acoustic Technology and Systems; Off-Board Sensors and Sonar Systems, Including Distributed Systems; Trainer Systems; Transducers, Materials, Measurements and Standards; Underwater Acoustic Communications Systems; Underwater Off-Board Sensors and Sonar Systems; Underwater Non-Acoustic and Environmental Sensors; Acoustic Test Facilities; Electronics Systems Evaluation Facilities; Acoustic Effects Analysis of Marine Species; Systems Safety; Waterside Security; Survivability Test Facility; IT Systems.