With modern technology now carefully integrated into every function of our military platforms, there is a growing need and demand for technical services to ensure operational success. KMS provides technical services pertaining to the management, planning, systems engineering, integration, testing and evaluation in support of operational and future submarines and shore sites.

Our support also includes conducting technical training audits to ensure the technical adequacy, accuracy and currency of all Technical Training Equipment (TTE), Training Device (TD), training material/equipment and technical data in the Navy school houses. KMS also provides project management and oversight of the Curriculum Pre-Planning efforts, Navy Training Systems Plans (NTSP) updates and/or development, curriculum development to include Interactive Media Instruction (IMI) such as Virtual Task Trainers (VTT) and PC Simulation, as well as classroom/lab administration support to include installation, modification, and upgrades, support for the development of Training System Installation Plans (TSIP) and program management. KMS provides project management support services to identify Navy training requirements, for Government use, in the proper planning and execution of Initial Install, Interim and Life Cycle training for assigned ship classes.

We support the design, development and training of Navy ship classes and systems including: Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG), Landing Helicopter Assault (LHA), Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD), Guided Missile Cruiser (CG), Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear (CVN), Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD), Expeditionary Mobile Base (ESB), Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN), Guided Missile Submarines (SSGN), and Attack Class Submarines (SSN).