KMS Solutions, LLC SeaPort-e, #N00178-14-D-7795

SeaPort-e has made electronic procurement of Engineering, Financial, and Program Management support services a reality.  Using SeaPort-e, the Navy file SYSCOM (VS) Commanders (NAVAIR, NAVSEA, NAVSUP and SPAWAR) has adopted an integrated approach to contracting for support services.  The SeaPort-e portal provides a standardized means of issuing competitive solicitations amongst a large and diverse community of approved contractors, as well as a platform for awarding and managing performance-based task orders.  This unified approach allows SeaPort-e service procurement teams to leverage their best work products, practices, and approaches across the Navy's critical service business sector.

Simply stated, SeaPort-e provides a faster, better and more cost-effective means of contracting for professional support services.

KMS Solutions, LLC SeaPort-e Team

The KMS Solutions LLC SeaPort-e Team is available to provide high quality professional support services to all NAVSEA Program Executive Offices, Directorates, Warfare Centers and Field Activities utilizing the NAVSEA SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Contract. The period of performance for SeaPort-e is April 5, 2004 through April 4, 2019 including award term options.

Additionally, the KMS Team may provide limited support under this contract to other DoD, non-DoD or Joint Agencies for work that is integrally related to the product areas and missions of the Warfare Centers.

The scope of the KMS Solutions Team; SeaPort-e contract spans all 12 Product Area Directorates (PADs).  The KMS Solutions Team is qualified to provide services to each of the PADs, encompassing 21 Functional Areas, across all seven geographical diverse zones.  (See KMS Quality Assurance Program.)

KMS Solutions, LLC Team Members

  Company   DUNS NUMBER  
  Alion   035274158  
  Alion - IPS Corporation   146483164  
  American Systems Corporation   077799799  
  BAE Systems Technology Solutions   103933453  
  Booz Allen Hamilton Inc   006928857  
  C2 Integrations, Inc.   809741767  
  CACI Dynamic Systems, Inc.   602992588  
  CACI Technologies, Inc.   057364507  
  CHP Solutions LLC   968114566  
  CSRA   112373324  
  DBV Technology, LLC   809086205  
  Drop Test International, Inc.   809163251  
  General Dynamics Information Tech., Inc.   067641597  
  Harding Security Associates, Inc.   130080927  
  Hepinstall Consulting Group, Inc.   199186136  
  Herdt Consulting, Inc. dba Herdt   132487732  
  In-Depth Engineering Corp.   784255809  
  Jardon and Howard Technologies   622780781  
  Kentia Management Group, Inc.   601949840  
  Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training   019710586  
  Logistics Applications Inc.   177039286  
  Main Sail, LLC   066480802  
  ManTech Advanced Systems International   139627525  
  MANTECH Systems Engineering Corp   174245993  
  McNeil Technologies   005126144  
  Microsoft Corp   081466849  
  Mikel Inc.   138534420  
  MYMIC, LLC   005677419  
  National Technologies Associates   132281031  
NTT Data Services Federal Government, Inc. 175344753  
NVision Solutions Inc. 051704463  
  Oceaneering International, Inc., Marine Services   790392380  
  OGSystems, LLC   169169435  
  Optelecom-NKF, Inc.   072658529  
  P3I, Incorporated   109957238  
  PowerTrain, Inc.   837788223  
  Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLP   132054466  
  Ricciardi Technologies, Inc.   602737041  
  Rite Solutions   125370176  
  Seaward Services, Inc.   063797724  
  Shee Atika Management, LLC   186053034  
  Show Me Quality Consulting, LLC   968720743  
  SYNCHRON, LLC   006323157  
  Systems Engineering Associates   072118748  
  Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.   074814948  
  Technical Systems Integration   802337436  
  TeleConsultants Inc   170883883  
  The Columbia Group, Incorporated   054419957  
  URS Federal Services, Inc   961530545  

KMS Solutions, LLC SeaPort-e Awarded Task Orders
Zone Set Aside Customer Awardee Award Date Potential Value
at Award





Joint Staff




N00024-10-R-3494 N00178-07-D-


Yes Joint Staff KMS 1/28/2011 $807,858.49
N00024-11-R-3322 N00178-07-D-


No DASN KMS 6/20/2011 $2,294,581.44
N00024-12-R-3170 N000178-07-
1 Yes NUWC KMS 3/5/2014 $14,984,098.83
N00024-13-R-3330 N00178-07-
4 Yes NSWC KMS 7/23/2014 $10,894,616.21
N00024-14-R-3317 N00178-14-
2 Yes NAVSEA HQ KMS 12/23/2014 $2,429,344.28
N00024-14-R-3284 N000178-14-
1 Yes NUWC KMS 3/4/2016 $14,140.452.80
N00024-16-R-3225 N000178-14-
7 Yes NSWC KMS 10/31/2016 $9,896,366.60
N6660417R3049 N6660417
3 Yes NUWC KMS 9/25/2017 $27,577,301.71

Customer Satisfaction Point of Contact:

JP Heatherington
Cheif Operating Officer
KMS Solutions, LLC
321-600-4905 x103 (Office)
321-600-4905 (Fax)

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